Yacht charter in Croatia

Croatia is beautifull! We enjoyed the first day our sailing boat after checking in for our trip with our skipper and host. We surprised with blue waters that give us endless chances to explore the mysterious things in them. We reached the Brac Island and enjoyed an evening swim. They all worked with yacht charter in Croatia for the whole season, while people are sailing on ths yachts! We reached a remote village in this island where there were only 80 people.



The first day of our trip is started with yachting. We found a yacht charter in the seashore for an affordable rate and we get into the sea. We started to speak with the person who was driving the yacht. First he started to speak in his language Croatia (Croatian) and then we asked him to speak in English. We continue the conversation and enquired him about the other important places to be visited. He gave a list of places in the country. He has taken us to a beautiful small island inside the sea and shown many stunning natural views. We have taken many photos there and it was an unforgettable moment.



It is one of the important cities in Croatia and it was in the coastline of Adriatic Sea. It was a nice experience to visit the place and we could see various architectures which were built in the 16th century. There was a museum and we visited that place. It was very interesting because the museum has included many ancient things and we have never seen such weapons and ornaments. Then we went to shopping and spend the whole day by visiting church, seashore, restaurants and other ancient places.