Sukosan in Croatia

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On the sixth day we visit to the Sukosan islands which are formed by hills where it has huge forest and the hills are divides by the valleys and some cultivation are done in the islands such as grapes and olives and it gives the best experience of yacht to the tourist and it looks unique in the Croatia. After visiting to all the islands then finally returned to the split and we just check out the place and we enjoyed our holiday which is the unforgettable holiday trip....

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Our schedule in Croatia

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Initially, we planned and prepared a schedule of each place for the whole six weeks with exact time and date. This planned schedule has taken a Xerox and distributed to all our teams who came and spent the vacation in Croatia. At that time, we all wished to enjoy our holidays in yacht charter and planned to visit various places in the different cities. During our trip, we met a sailing representative, Ms. Annie, who has served the entire things with friendly care. She...

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Our captain

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We felt confident and contented throughout yachting because our captain guided us in the best way he could. Our boat was comfortable and strong in different aspects. This was the major reason behind our safety. I explain you about my boat rental and sailing experiences from the day 1 of the trip. My friends have chosen a reliable company that is well-known for affordable boat rental services in Croatia with Karlovacki Tjednik. Thus, I did not spend my time to compare...

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